About Rebel Compliance Law

Rebel Compliance: The Backstory

In early March 2020, I was about midway through hiking the first 20 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), thinking about what I wanted to do with my life.  I had just resigned from my last employer and didn’t take an offer that I had expected I would.

At the time, I was a little disenchanted with our industry.  I found it frustrating that so many companies were treating the symptoms rather than causes of diseases.  I also found it frustrating that we weren’t doing a better job as compliance professionals to make policies and trainings easier to understand, then surprised when there were violations.

While I had considered starting my own law practice as a goal a year earlier, I had envisioned doing so in 2022, after a couple of more years in-house (hello 2022!).

So there, at about mile 14 of the PCT, while climbing a mountain heading north and taking some time alone from my hiking partner, I had a clear vision of Rebel Compliance* (and my other ventures).  I wanted to challenge the way Compliance Programs operate.

*To be honest, I was surprised that my goal was still in building this particular career.  I also knew I was one of those rare people who loves my career and who simply wanted to do things differently.

My goal with Rebel Compliance was and still is to treat Compliance like Sales and Marketing.  Our employees can be just as focused on relationship building and caring about the people we serve. The content can be just as engaging, the annual planning just as thoughtful, the results just as effective. 

As I continue to grow Rebel Compliance Law, PC, I will continue building simple off-the shelf Compliance materials, as well as incorporating innovative technology tools to make it easier for our colleagues to find answers to their policy questions.

SRD - Compliance Superhero